A First Aid Kit for Winter Germs

Viruses and infectious diseases run rampant throughout the winter months.

Jenny Krueger
4 min readDec 4, 2022
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The holidays are always such a special time. But, unfortunately, when the holidays roll around, they’re not alone.

Viruses and infectious diseases run rampant throughout the holiday season and winter months.

With that said, I have devised how to create a First Aid kit for contagious diseases such as the flu, Covid-19, and the common cold.

Pain Relievers.

Pain relievers are excellent items to keep in your household. For instance, acetaminophen, naproxen, or ibuprofen can help reduce a fever and ease body aches.

However, it would be best always to be mindful when taking Tylenol and NSAIDs because too much can cause serious side effects. Especially for people who have hypertension, kidney disease, or diabetes.

You can try aspirin, but don’t give it to kids. Studies have shown that aspirin is linked to children’s life-threatening condition called Reye’s syndrome.

Other Meds.

  • Decongestant nose sprays and drops
  • Decongestant balms
  • Liquid cough medicine or drops



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