Remember to Be Kind to Yourself

November Thirteenth is World Kindness Day.

Jenny Krueger


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When talking about kindness, we tend to focus more on showing kindness to others, which isn’t bad since we all need to strive to be nicer to the people around us.

However, we seem to forget to show kindness to the most important person, ourselves.

So, for World Kindness Day this year, I want to express how crucial it is to take better care of your mental health by treating yourself with kindness.

One of the best ways to spread kindness to other people is by being kinder to yourself. That’s because treating yourself with love and compassion will help you become happier.

Therefore, making it easier to be kind to people you encounter throughout your life. Since the beginning of COVID, we’ve all been experiencing a tough time in life.

For the last two years, we’ve endured the constant pain of anxiety and depression due to the fear of getting sick or our kids getting sick, losing our job, which results in the loss of income and health insurance.

Now that it’s November, the holiday season has arrived. We’re stressing over money and how we’ll pay our bills while still providing our family, especially our children, a wonderful Christmas.

Yet, we must learn to reduce stress and lift our moods during these challenging times. Everyone can do that by adding kindness into their hearts and souls, which will help promote happiness.

Aiming to exhibit more love and compassion to ourselves on World Kindness Day and every day will help us become kinder people.

Being Nice to Yourself Doesn’t Need to be An Extravagant Project.

It can be as simple as changing how you talk to yourself. So, instead of spewing out insults, give yourself compliments.

I understand from experience that it’s a lot easier to point out the negative things about ourselves versus the positive.

However, fixating on only your flaws will cause you to be in a lousy mood, making it hard to manifest kindness to yourself and others.



Jenny Krueger

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