Ways To Eliminate Toxic People From Your Life

It’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible

Jenny Krueger



There are toxic people all around us. They can be our coworkers, friends, schoolmates, girlfriend, boyfriend, and there are even toxic people within our own family.

Anyone can be a toxic person; it doesn’t have to be a pure enemy. Someone who brings you down and makes you feel like you have no self-worth or is emotionally draining is a toxic person.

Yes, there is no denying that you can’t escape toxic people altogether. But there are ways you can eliminate the toxic people that are currently in your life and do your part in avoiding those type of people.

For the toxic people that are presently in your life, there is one thing you need to keep in mind. You can’t change these types of people.

They might say they can change, and you might think you could change them, but they can’t change. And you can’t change them.

Toxic people are motivated by the misery and suffering they can bring to other people. They thrive on the drama, which is why they are always starting fights with others.

They don’t like it when other people are happy or when someone is experiencing a happy moment like a wedding, becoming pregnant, or a birthday. They become angry and spiteful because they’re not the one who is experiencing a happy moment.

So, what do they do? They search for someone in that group to pick a fight with since they feel like they should be the only person to experience a happy moment. I’ve had my share of stress dealing with toxic people, so the advice I’m going to give comes from personal experience.

Maintain your boundaries.

Toxic people expect everyone to work around their schedule, and when they call you for help or to get together, they expect you to drop everything and be by their side. If you don’t do that, be sure to hear about it for years to come.

Don’t let that stop you from setting and maintaining your boundaries, and you don’t owe them 100 percent of your time. Let them know you can’t come over or talk since you’re busy or you’re at work, but if you can, then you’ll call them when you’re available.



Jenny Krueger

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