Welcome to the Holidays in Retail

A holiday PSA from a current retail worker.

Jenny Krueger


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As we enter the holiday season, I want to remind everyone to be kind to others, especially those in the retail industry.

Think of it more as a holiday PSA from a current retail worker. Working in retail is not the most glamorous job and does not give your life a sense of purpose.

You get yelled at by customers every day over frivolous matters such as being unable to use a coupon that expired a year ago or because we’re out of a specific product due to warehouse shortages.

However, once the holidays roll around, everyone becomes worse. Much, much worse.

People Are Nastier During the Holiday Season.

It’s true. There’s something about the holidays that brings out almost everyone’s inner demons.

It’s not a surprise that the holidays are stressful for many people, but that does not condone someone treating retail workers like garbage.

Nothing gives you, me, or any Tom, Dick, and Harry the right to treat a stranger like crap.

Especially since they’re trying to help us with our shopping needs, so we all need to learn to be kind to one another.

Make it a goal to treat every retail worker you encounter throughout the holidays this year with the utmost respect.

If you genuinely can’t be nice to anyone during the holiday season, stay home and avoid all retail establishments. I’m serious.

No one wants to be around someone unkind and cranky.

Being a Retail Worker Is Emotionally Draining.

Customers verbally abuse us daily, which is not an exaggeration.

I’ve been working in the retail industry for fourteen years, and I can honestly say I’ve had some of the most horrible experiences while working in a grocery store.

Indeed, you’ll go through many terrible experiences in other jobs.

But you’ll find more stress, abuse, and mistreatment by customers in any position within the customer service…



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